All Natural Beekeeping Company. Husband and wife team Cory and Krystle Gaiser have always been interested in finding ways to be more self-sustaining. They do things such as gardening, composting, and even keeping chickens, peacocks and goats. Their products range from 100% raw local honey to natural beauty products.  



Artisan products that are lovingly made the old-fashioned way in a French copper jam pot from the finest ingredients and organic spices. Besides the Original Jams, they also offer limited-time Seasonal Jams made with local produce and spices

The unique flavor combinations will have you saying, “That’s MY jam!” 

Sweet Magma is a sauce made for people who love good food. Goes great on almost anything, including Chinese, Chicken, and Chipotle!

Brady and Amanda started the business and are growing two acres of hops, increasing their vegetable production, adding poultry back into the mix. Although these products are not yet certified organic, they are being grown according to the National Organic Program standards. The mission of Old Dutch Hops is to help satisfy local demand for delicious, sustainably grown products. 

Plug’s Sweet Tooth was launched by founders Pam and Dave Miles in Aurora, Indiana. Their products have small town roots and worldwide appeal!  The caramel popcorn is an old family recipe that Pam has been making and sharing with friends and family for years.  Of course, you can’t leave good caramel popcorn all alone, so they developed some other terrific flavors to accompany it.

"We are a local Pop-Up coffee shop! We are addicted to connecting with people and serving them the best coffee they’ve ever had."

A local artisan doughnut shop specializing in pop-up shops & private orders.


In 2012, I began making granola for my daughter, Ella, when she started eating "real" food as a homemade, healthy snack. She absolutely went crazy for it and I made it all the time, because she couldn't get enough. It is important to me to use seeds instead of nuts, the highest quality organic ingredients and find the best local maple syrup. 

Aunt Flora specializes in healthy southern comfort food and cobbler pies.


Handmade ceramics and potted plants.

handmade cheese west side market


Handmade cheese


In The Healing Kitchen, we are cooking up more than just delicious food. We pride ourselves on using the finest local and/or organically grown ingredients to ensure not only happy and healthy bellies, but a supported and sustainable farming community. Being mindful of our food choices is the wisest investment we can make in our health and our planet. All of our food is free of gluten, dairy, soy and GMO’s.

We believe growing quality jobs, the best food, and skilled farmers helps strengthen the work force, support healthy living and give families & communities the best opportunity to flourish.

dater montessori west side market


Dater Montessori Nature Center

"A little bit about us... we are a female owned and operated online cupcake delivery service based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Fashion Sweet Cupcakes has been in business for over four years and we are very passionate about making women's lives more convenient!"

Indoor Plant Vendor

Beautiful and unique handcrafted bagels

Royal Icing Custom Cookies & Cakes

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A premium tea company that specialize in strange, rare, and incredibly high grade teas

Shakin Things Up is the premier beverage vendor for fairs, festivals, and all of your special events. Serving Northern Kentucky and Ohio

Cincinnati's best handmade Dry Rubs & Sauces

4th generation of hand made Italian ravioli. We produce from scratch, handmade, using our great grandfather's recipes. We use fresh never frozen products.

Created in 2017 by Maria Kalomenidou, a Greek visual designer and art enthusiast living in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Maria wanted to share with others her love for healthy and tasty Greek food because. For Maria, good food has always been a way of offering love, of living a happy and healthy life, of nurturing strong ties with family and friends.