Flores Leather Works is a company that makes high quality leather goods that are 100% handcrafted, unique, and built to last a lifetime.                                                      



The Swift Arrow is a Cincinnati based, female owned and operated buisness that strives to create pieces that proudly showcase a local spirit of Cincinnati.

 "We are a customer-focused comapny established in 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio that offers eye-catching and customizabel home decor as well as a variety of children's decor and apparel pieces."

"We have always followed a creative path, we just didn't realize it would lead us to create our own metal works business. We started out in 2011 with a plasma cutter and a dream that we hoped would turn into something spectacular. Since then we have grown on so many levels, there's always a new creation around the corner."

Unique handmade jewelry for the free, adventures, vibrant, life loving woman. Designs are constantly evolving from the latest inspirations, adventures or findings. . Inspired by natural, adventures with family, architecture and color. Use of many different materials including semi precious stones, glass beads, found objects from nature, feathers, fibers of all kinds and different types of metals.

Aaron is a recent Wittenberg University graduated who began a career in the geology field till he became a Dad. His little helper Mia loves going out to help get supplies. His first piece was made for his wife who also graduated from Wittenberg, the piece was made from the soil of places on campus that meant things to them.


Handmade soap starts with all natural oils, oils that are good enough to eat! If it's good enough to ingest, you bet it's good enough for the largest organ of your body, your skin.

"My handmade soaps start with olive oil, coconut oil, palm and/or lard. From there I add other oils including castor oil, soybean oil, aloe vera oil and various butters such as cocoa, shea, and even hemp."

Sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses to have, it can be one of the best ways to intrigue your memory. Not only is the smell of our candles important to us, but the fact that our candles are truly made with an all-natural US grown soy wax, a metal-free all-natural cotton wick, and a combination of fine fragrance and natural essential oils ensure the comfort of a clean burn.

Greg Matsey grew up in St. Leon, Indiana with a passion for art and design. Today he lives in Bridgetown, Ohio with his wife and their three children. In his spare time, Greg develops graphics along with painting local scenes, sports themes, pets and a variety of other subjects.

We are BLOC Woodshop, we make high-quality, custom furniture and décor as part of our mission to reclaim lives and restore hope.

BLOC Woodshop, a division of BLOC Ministries, is located in Lower Price Hill. We hire people who have asked God for a second chance to provide for themselves and their families by finding work — work they can’t find anywhere else because of mistakes they made earlier in their lives.

Launched in early February of this year, White Walls Co. makes bath bombs amd soaps for every day use as well as limited time seasonal shapes and scents.

"I founded Barbara's Atlas Oils in 2009 while living in Morocco.  I was introduced to Argan Oil and fell in love with the skin loving carrier oil,  its uses and history.  My philosophy is simple:  If I personally would not use the product or use it on one of my three children I will not sell it."

"I  make wooden animal puzzles for play and display. My designs include several dinosaurs and some living animals as well as several fantasy creatures like dragons and griffins. A beautiful display piece or lay flat for play time."


Specializing in machine embroidered towels and other small practical items made on the embroidery machine.

Jewelry and accessories made with natural materials like wood and leather. These items are hand-painted in bold colorful patterns & gradients and use geometric shapes for fun, beautifully made accessories


The Oakley Soap Company is a family run business in Cincinnati, Ohio. What started as a hobby has become a passion to teach the world about the greatness of handmade soap.  To learn more about our founder and head maker, check out our Meet the Maker blog. 

When not making vegan, palm free, bath and body products, we spend our spare time napping, yelling at the news and checking out all the cool stuff Cincinnati has to offer. You should visit.  It's an awesome and underrated city. 

"Our names are Samantha and Dave and we are the owners of Westerhaus Metals! We have been together for almost four years and we are getting married in the spring of 2019. We hope that you love our work as much as we love creating it!"

For the last decade, Megan Fenno has been designing and creating accessories under the name FENNOfashion. With a degree in fashion & accessory design from Savannah College of Art & Design, Megan mixed her dream of owning her own business with her love for accessories.

Over the years, Megan has particpated in over 200 events across the Tri-State, has an online boutique and also has her accessories in a handful of boutiques around the great state of Ohio.

Read more about Megan here:

Quality. Craftsmanship. Passion.  These are the tenets of our business and the very things that define who we are.  In a world where throw away has become the norm, we exist to make the exceptional.  Products made in a time honored and thoughtful way.  This is not an easy process but one that we feel is owed to our heritage and history.  

Once upon a time, products were made and not just produced.  

Lindsey Alicia Klump is the maker behind Handmade in Cincinnati.  She is an artist living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio who creates each piece by hand, focusing mostly on hand built vessels out of stoneware.

Lindsey earned her BFA from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a focus in painting and photography.  As her art practice shifted and changed, she gravitated towards clay for its organic content and malleability.  She is currently working on her MA in Art Education. 

Each pot is handbuilt and one of a kind. This new work focuses on simple forms that play with the combination of matte glaze and surface design.  All wares are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe! 

Little Hiker Bird is a brand of button pins and magnets founded by Carol Patton in 2017. Carol is a graduate of Ringling College of Art + Design and currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, and hiking, which is a big inspiration in her work.

All Little Hiker Bird buttons feature Carol's original illustrations and are personally handmade. She prints, cuts, presses, and packages each button order in her studio. They make wonderful gifts for every time of the year.

These girls are two best friends from Ohio, both named Kim. We have an immense love for art, science, and general geekery.
Kimberly is a mom, artist, and worked in microbiology - Columbus, OH
kim is an artist, photographer, graphic designer, and bartender - Cincinnati, OH

SE Designs WestSide Market

Samantha handcrafts silver jewelry and beaded jewelry using intricate techniques like handknotting, bead weaving, and wire wrapping. All silver jewelry is hand-soldered, and the natural gemstones are also set by hand.

 Jessica loves helping busy mamas relax and enjoy themselves! "Just because we have kids," she says.  "doesn't mean that we don't deserve a little pampering too!"  Check out her variety of scrubs and other luxurious bath products.


 Antique Seller. {Selling my dad's antique collection} Story Collector. {I ask my customers to share a story} Story Teller. {I share them here}

Sarah's handmade coasters are like no other because of the chemistry knowledge and the additional research she's put in to make sure they're the best. Since she loves a good challenge, custom orders are always welcomed!

Classes/groups available in: Yoga, Guided Meditation, Transformational Life Coaching, Natural Skin Care, Essential Oils, Women's Defense/Fighting

Yams Wood Wonders is a small family owned shop that specializes in custom made lathe turned crafts and wood items. Their products are all handmade with great care. Every effort is made to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and that it will serve as a special gift and/or family keepsake for many years to come.