It truly does take courage and creativity to own a small business and we want to take this time to shine some light on some of the fantastic vendors that will be at this months market.  

Learn more about Maria Schiering, owner of Candlespice Co.  Her beautiful hand poured natural soy candles can be found at the WestSide Market on May 5th from 10-4PM.


Business: Candlespice Co.

Owner: Maria Schiering

Product: Hand poured natural soy candles 

Tell us about your business, how did you get started?

On a cozy fall evening as my husband Zach and I were enjoying some candle lit conversation, I told him childhood memories of coming home to a beautifully fragrant house and a delicious homemade dinner. That sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses to have, but when paired with the sense of taste, it can be one of the best ways to intrigue your memory. That’s when and how candlespice co. was born! We wanted to intrigue both of those powerful senses by not only providing our customers with the sense of a beautiful aromatic candle, but also include a fun and different simple spice sample.  After a lot of research into the industry, we came to an exciting decision to order our first candle making kit!  Essential lavender was our first ‘recipe’ that we crafted and perfected- and we had so much fun doing so throughout the process!  We became an official company the very first week of 2018- and the rest is history!


How long have you been in business?

We started working on our candles’ recipes in 2017 and made candlespice co. official in January of 2018!


What makes your product/business unique?

We know that there are many all natural soy candles made with fine fragrance oils and natural essential oils on the market, but we wanted to intrigue not only the sense of smell, but also the sense of taste for our customers by including a complimentary spice sample that pulls from the oils that are used to make its’ parenting candle.  Every candle that comes from us is truly made in small batches and is hand-poured and hand stamped by Zach or I.  So much love and hard work go into the scent, design, etc.. of each and every candle


Where do you get your inspiration from?

We find inspiration within each other and our son.  We are truly each other’s ying to their yang by bringing new concepts to the table and working through each decision with each other and our son in mind. Our customers’ opinions and feedback are a major part of our business too and we take each comment and suggestion to heart.  That’s how a few of our scents were born!  If you’d like to see something specific in our candle line, please send us an email so that we can chat! We LOVE working personally with our customers!


What would you tell someone who wants to start their own business? 

Just do it!! It can be challenging (not to mention really scary) to take that first initiative in starting up your own business, but each and every little step that you make is so rewarding.  Make sure to have fun while doing it too!


Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Zach and I would love to have a studio & with a storefront would be an even sweeter bonus! We are currently in 6 stores and are continuing to quickly grow that part of our business.  We would love to be in all shops - but seriously we love to partner with boutiques/shops!  We want to also grow our special event side by providing candles for wedding favors, shower gifts, and really any special event we can do! Please send us an email if you’d like to order for a special event! 


Where can readers find out more about your work?


Facebook: (candlespice co) 

Instagram: (@candlespiceco)


Phone: (513) 969-3192


Come meet Maria and check out all of her unique hand poured candles at the WestSide Market this summer.